Welcome to ChemPrindex!

Your Reality

  • Does published pricing not reflect your view of the market?
  • Want to compare your prices to actual levels?
  • Unable to benchmark yourself against comparable buyers? 
  • Believe that low prices are not always reported in publications?
  • Unable to find a pricing platform that enables comparison of your prices?
  • Worried about letting competitors know your prices?

Our Solution

Do you recognize any of these thoughts?

Do they reflect your purchasing experiences?

If so, join our new social media access platform for price evaluation. In the longer term it does not help having prices that other buyers do not have access to. Greater visibility and transparency in prices benefits all market participants. Low, but invisible competitive prices, will negatively affect you ultimately!

About ChemPrindex

The conventional process for indexation of commodity chemicals is linkage to publications that collect and publish prices as part of market reporting.

An alternative approach to collection and dissemination of pricing information is one in which buyers and sellers upload their prices to a website, which collates and publishes online indices based on members’ input. These are actual prices, unbiased and without influence.

Prices are verified by peer reviewers and ‘verifiers’.

The concept is applicable to virtually any market that purchases chemicals, plastics, fertilizers or industrial products that are subject to industry standards and classifications.

Our social media community Price Index websites are where you can load up your prices in total anonymity and compare those with other buyers and sellers. You can also track historical prices and, in an open forum, compare views on prices, markets and related topics.

This is a unique opportunity for buyers and sellers to reassert their role in price determination.

ChemPrindex Open Testing

We are currently in open testing. We are inviting submissions from all chemical, plastic and fertilizer buyers to help complete our database, for the benefit of future users.

While we are in this process of accumulating information, signing up, submitting and viewing prices is free. When we leave the testing phase, members will be required to make a certain number of submissions per quarter in order to retain access to the pricing database.